Four Factors Driving the Fashion World

When we talk of fashion trends like fashion trend for 2015 or fashion trend for 2016, we seldom think what factors drive them. We normally see a famous personality wearing something and adopt it, but in reality, there are things, which are continuously behind the scene that are affecting fashion since ages. Let us see some of these factors. Since ages, the three primary necessities of life are listed as food, shelter and clothing. Clothing is not just in utilitarian terms, but it has a variety of social and emotional impact as well.

  • Culture: Any religion, beliefs, languages, values, traditions, ceremonies etc. that a particular sector or country follows defines their culture. People across regions and religions vary drastically when it comes to food, dance, and music. The choice of clothing is governed by the society and the culture in which one resides and has an intimate connection with geography and also the rural and urban setting.
  • Variations within Culture: Culture keeps changing with time and social situation as it is never completely static or uniform. The influence of society may be formal such as by rules and regulations and may be informal such as by customs and fashion, but each generation, age group, and even each year brings about some modification in the way people dress. Culture is also modified by technical, social, political and economic spheres and the same is reflected in the clothing of the people.
  • Variations between Cultures: Clothes can be seen as an expression of modesty in cultural variations rather than being based on the universal laws of mankind. All through history, diverse dress patterns serve to identify different cultures and eras.
  • Difference in Geographies: Geographical differences also play a vital role in the diversity of costume designing. The supply of raw material, the technical skills of the people, moral standards and religious values, aesthetic sense, and also political ideals are all responsible for variation in the clothing of the people across the globe.

Culture and society exist in present, but they are always driven from the past and balancing them beautifully man has found an infinite number of ways to satisfy his clothing needs. As these cultural differences disappear, dress styles also merge into a more universal pattern.

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